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European Finals - Alphen September 2018

Eurocup - Great Eccleston August 2018

French Championships - July 2018

Great Eccleston Show - July 2018

Autosport - January 2018

Great Eccleston - August 2017

Eurocup - Brande July 2017

Great Eccleston Show - July 2017

Tours American Festival - July 2017

Eurocup - Made June 2017

Eurocup - Bernay June 2017

Ahoy Super Pull - March 2017

Autosport - January 2017

Eurocup - Brande July 2016

Great Eccleston Show - July 2016

Eurocup - Made June 2016

Eurocup - Bernay June 2016 

Snoopy IV travelled over to Ahoy Rotterdam, invited to the Ahoy Superpull to compete in the Unlimited 4000Kg class. Snoopy IV was test puller and with a distance of 55.45m. The Full pull distance had been declared at 55m.

Unfortuently on being towed back to the pits, ready for the pull off, it became clear we had a failing Differential bearing so decided to withdraw, as no serious damage had yet been caused, and this diff ratio has to be changed back anyway for the summer season.


See the onboard footage to see how well.

Snoopy IV made the long trip to Drande Denmark for the European Finals, with a respectable pull made ??? however the engines we not 100% and so we came up short, it turned out the drive to the Mags had slipped and so altering the timing. Some remedial work would be required in the winter ready for 2016.


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Snoopy IV competed at Great Eccleston British Finals on Saturday 29th August 2015, in the first run we made a full pull, however in the 2nd run in the pull off we managed another full pull but a damaged exhaust caused a minor fire on stopping, which meant we could not compete on the Sunday.

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Snoopy IV had its 1st run of the season at the Great Eccleston Show after completing the complete rebuild since our last run in August 2013. Since then the tractor has had to under go a full engine strip down, to improve the Heads, and has been upgraded to use 44Amp Mags. This proved a very successful run achieving a full pull and sounding very different with the new set up, clearly another big improvement. 

See the onboard footage to see how well we did


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The winter of 2014 - 2015 has seen a great deal of time and effort, another complete rebuild of Snoopy IV. We had to strip completely both engines, repair & straighten the Chassis, then repaint it. We have currently rebuilt the heads and with the new Studs from ARP reassembled the Heads & Liners ready to drop onto the crankcase once we get the Big end shells back from the USA after re-leading (re-lining)


Click this link to see some other photo’s from the winter rebuild.

Following the run on Sat 25th Aug 2013, Snoopy IV suffered from some major oil leaks, the heads had started to pull away from the liners. This meant we couldn’t run on the Sunday, it resulted in another complete strip down and rebuild and due to other commitments and the resourcing of some specialist bolts from our sponsor ARP, this meant we were not able to compete in 2014. The rebuild is again extensive & full taking us into 2014.

Saturday 25th Aug at night saw Snoopy IV driven by Kevan take to the track in the 3.5T class against some strong European competition as well as Snoopy III driven by Josh. The tractor lit up from the start line but started to drift right, so despite pressing the brake ended backing off, straightening then re applying the power, managing a respectable 91.98m at least we had learnt more & seemed to have the ignition timing & fuel setting set more accurately. Unfortunately we could not return on Sunday so the weekend was over. See the following link for onboard & trackside footage.  team video section.


Sunday 14th July saw Snoopy IV run in the 3.5T Modified class against two others, Kightmare & Snoopy III. Kevan had another good strong run & managed another 1st place getting to 115.50m on the day. The engines ran well but a noise from the back end means some issues to be investigated so we can be ready for August. see onboard & trackside video with this link. team video section.


Saturday 6th July saw Snoopy IV at Kirkbride competing at 3.5T. With a lot of hard work after Made, the tractor was ready and the team was keen to see how the tractor would perform. By holding at the line Kevan got the engines to boost and left the line with a storming run & the tractors 1st FULL PULL, travelling a distance of 108m managed to take 1st place. Some minor damage however meant we could not run on Sunday but the team was happy and we finally seem to be getting somewhere with the fueling. See the onboard footage from Sat night in the team movies section.


Saturday 15th June 2013 saw us catching the overnight Hull - Rotterdam ferry arriving in Made, Holland for the 3rd round of the 4.5T Eurocup. Kevan got back into the drivers seat after missing Bernay due to the new crossbox not being ready in time. However with the new heavier crossbox fitted we managed to make it to the Made Pulling weekend. Starting 1st in the running order saw Kevan decide to stop at 20 mtrs so we were dropped 6 places and run just before Josh so quick pit stop and refuel saw the 2nd attempt with a slightly disappointing 63.43m, it appears the 3rd stage fuel did not come it as planned. so back to the workshop and try again, the positive was the new crossbox works and no other issues, so just the fuel to sort for next time. See Movies for onboard footage.

IMG Snoopy IV @ Made 2013

Saturday 9th March 2013 saw Snoopy IV make it's 1st appearance at Ahoy, Rotterdam in the 4.5 T Modified class. This being it's 1st serious run since the winter rebuild and re setting up of the timing, fuel, & returns etc. With a run of 26.46m it was Kevan's 1st time since retiming & refueling and the engines ran ok but something went in the drive train & the RH engine hit the rev limits so a short run but we learnt loads. 

Ahoy0313 241

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August 2012 Bank holiday weekend and Saturday night was a complete wash out, having only just got both engines on the tractor running earlier Saturday afternoon, it was a late rush to get the tractor loaded and set off down to the show field. So apart from many interested looks from overseas teams Saturday was a total wash out.

Snoopy IV at Great Eccestone Aug 2012 - The tractor ready in time for the 4.5T Eurocup.

IMG 1571

Sunday morning and the rain apart from a short shower stayed away and the tractors we prepared for the 4.5T Eurocup competition (Click to see the competition) and Snoopy IV 1st run down the track with much anticipation from all.

Some small issues with initial starting before the engines fired and the huge crown and onlookers saw Snoopy IV start and passed all inspection including kill switch test etc.

Snoopy IV & Snoopy III at Great Eccleston Aug 2012 - waiting in the pits for the 1st run down the track

IMG 1573

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Snoopy IV made its 1st run and managed to get around 28.47 mtrs but was suffering from a combination of fueling issues and never really got going much to the disappointment of all the team and crown of onlookers. It will take time but we will get there, it's a whole new learning curve on Methanol, so we have to start from scratch and learn a whole new set of rules etc.

Sunday afternoon saw Snoopy IV having a 2nd / demo run in the 3.5T Euro Challenge, which also meant that the tractor weighed in at under 3500Kg which was really welcome and meant that Kevan's clever design and attention to detail got us under weight, and a huge achievement. The 1st ever Twin Griffon running on Alcohol to run at 3.5Tons. Praise indeed for a cleaver design and build.

IMG 1582

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Snoopy IV managed 57.45 mtrs and we nearly thought it would clear, but we will have to rethink the fueling and try again another day.

Snoopy IV after the 1st & 2nd runs, plenty of thinking to be done with the fuel etc 

IMG 1586

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July 2012 at the Great Eccleston show saw Snoopy IV making it's 1st public showing parked here alongside Snoopy III, having recently been finished. Some small teathing problems with breathers and excess fuel meant that the tractor could not run. However Snoopy IV was pulled onto the track and Kevan gave a talk all about the Tractor. Snoopy IV picked up its 1st trophy for best turned out tractor with Snoopy III in 2nd place. 

Snoopy IV & Snoopy III at Great Eccleston July 2012 - The 1st showing of both tractors together.

IMG 1537

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