Snoopy 3 - Latest info - 25th August 2018

Great Eccleston - August 2018

Snoopy 3 attended the British Finals & Eurocup at Great Eccelston on Saturday 25th of August. Competing in the Eurocup Heavy Modified on the Saturday night, weighted up to 4200Kg, managed a respectable full pull.  (We decided not to run again, due to a small cough around 90m, maybe a timing issue to check (before Sunday & The British finals at 3500Kg.)

Sunday was unfortuently a wash out due to heavy rain, so we couldn’t run the 3500Kg Class after all.

Snoopy 3 in Pits

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French Championships Mouzeil - 5th August 2018

Snoopy 3 attended the French Championships in Mouzeil on Sunday 5th of August. Competing in the 3500Kg Modified class, making a full pull on the first run & managed 86.60m in the pull off, taking 2nd Place in the 3500Kg Modified class. 


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Great Eccleston Show - July 2018

Snoopy 3 attended the Great Eccelston Show on Sunday 15th of July. Competing in the 3500Kg Modified class, making a full pull on the first run, however we also blew out the newly fitted burst plates on the superchargers, so we will have to fit thicker ones for next time, at least they worked & saved any serious damage from occuring.


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Eurocup - Bernay June 2018

Snoopy 3 was invited to attend the 1st Eurocup round in Bernay France, competing alongside the other French teams in the 3500Kg Modified class, making a full pull on the 1st run & getting 90m in the 2nd taking a 1st Place & a great result first time out in 2018.

In the Evening Snoopy 3 was weighted up to 4200Kg & competed in the Eurocup Heavy Modified class managing a full pull in the 1st run & ???? in the pull off coming ?????.

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Eurocup - Great Eccleston August 2017

Eurocup - Brande July 2017

Great Eccleston Show - July 2017

Tours American Festival - July 2017

Eurocup - Made June 2017

Eurocup - Bernay June 2017

Ahoy Super Pull - March 2017

European Championships - Great Eccleston August 2016

Eurocup - Brande July 2016

Great Eccleston Show - July 2016

Eurocup - Made June 2016

Eurocup - Bernay June 2016

Snoopy 3 attended the 1st Eurocup round of 2016 in Bernay France, on 4th June. Competing in the 4000Kg Heavy Modified class, managed to make a full pull on the 1st run & got into teh pull off. In the 2nd Run Josh Managed 83.37m & took 5th place with a solid run, just lacking some HP vs the bigger tractors.


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Autosport - January 2016

Snoopy 3 attended the Autosport Show at the NEC Birmingham on Saturday / Sunday 16/17th January 2016, along with Snoopy IV, No Limit & Red Mist, promoting the Sport and also the European Finals which were to be held at Great Eccleston nr Blackpool 27th / 28th August 2016.


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European Finals - Brande 12th-13th September 2015 

Snoopy 3 made the long trip with Snoopy IV to Brande, Denmark for the 2015 European Finals to complete in the 3.5T Modified. Josh made a good start but at 20 metres bang and the supercharger went on the RH engine, to compete we had taken off the boost control, along with the boost Gauges, however this proved a step too far and so we learn from our mistakes.

11845236_827146697401744_1972313464099954873_o.jpg JB's Picture

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Great Eccleston - August 2015 

Snoopy 3 competed at the British Finals at Great Eccleston on 29th & 30th August 2015, against some strong european tractors who had been invited and wanted to test the track ready for 2016 European Finals to be held in the UK in August 2016.

Great Eccleston - 19th July 2015 

Snoopy 3 had its 1st run of the season at the Great Eccleston Show after completing the upgrades of the 20Amp Mags donated from Snoopy 4, a very successful run achieving a full pull and sounding very different with the new set up, clearly a big improvement.  See the onboard footage to see how well.


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Autosport - January 2015

 Snoopy 3 appears for the 1st time at Autosport at the NEC, Birmingham on 10th & 11th January 2015, we had a great weekend promoting the sport of Tractor Pulling in the UK, supported by many other Teams from the Sport, North & Midlands. We had some extra glamour on the stand thanks to Danielle Watt & Grid Girl Promotions.


Josh Whittingham & David Jones with the glamour Girls of "Grid Girls Promotions"

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Workshop - Winter 2014

The winter of 2014 has seen us make some changes and upgrades to Snoopy 3. Ready for Autosport, we set about changing the original Magnetos out for the 20Amp MSD that were originally fitted to Snoopy 4. Hopefully these will give us a better spark and ensure we ignite all the fuel.

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Great Eccleston - August 2014

Saturday night 23rd & Sunday 24th Aug saw us back at Great Eccleston for the British Finals with European invitations to a numbers of teams to make up the classes and bring some competition to the weekend.  

On Saturday night Josh had a good run and managed a full pull but with just one hit, just got beaten into 2nd place on the podium. Then on Sunday he came 2nd again but to a different winner, Double D had a fantastic run locked in early and took the win with an impressive pull to take the European Challenge cup.

                        Saturday Night                       Sunday European Challenge cup                        

102.48m  Baby Duck              109.85m   Double D

   101.26m  Snoopy III                101.84m   Snoopy III

      96.60m    Double D                  98.01m     Baby Duck


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Great Eccleston Show - July 2014

Sunday 13th July and the 2nd day of the Great Eccleston Show, in the last group of the day Josh took to the track and achieved more than a full pull at 114.90m to take the victory. The new aluminium crossbox and smaller fuel tanks had lost us a few more Kg and the tractor ran perfectly which was great to see and a real sight for the large crowd.


Josh returning to the pits after achieving 114.90m   Click this link to see some other photo’s from the weekend

Ahoy Superpull - 2014

Friday night, 14th March 2014 saw us catching the overnight ferry from Hull to Rotterdam arriving at 9am local time, so after a short drive we arrived at the Ahoy Stadium. 

Unloading saw Snoopy III complete with New Sponsor logo’s on the rear fenders.

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12.00 saw the start of the afternoon session, so later we had our turn. Running in 8th place Josh had a good run the engines running and performing well after some issues at the end of last season, so the over winter work had been very effective. Managing 53.71m achieved a 4th place just missing out on a pull off place, but overall a good and respectable result.


9.00pm saw the evening season start so around 11pm running in 5th position, again the engines ran and performed well although massively down on HP, compared to our competition we had a good run and achieved a resapectable 54.03m. The tractor ran well, with no mechanical issues so a good start to the 2014 season.


2014 Season Opens 

Friday saw the team setting off for the docks at Hull, to catch the overnight boat to Holland. Snoopy 3 was competing in the 3.5T modified European Championships. Due to bad weather & running late the sledge was set for one run & pull off straight away. Josh made a good start but with a tough sledge setting achieved 96.77m and came 7th in Europe which under the circumstances was a respectable result. 


The Bank Holiday weekend saw Snoopy 3 Driven by Josh compete in the 3.5T Class on sat night, where he managed 93.33m as Test Puller, then a Full Pull and took 3rd place. The RH engine seemed to die then picked up again at 50m so not ideal. Sunday meant running at 4.5T so the tractor was prepared and weighted up. The engines responed and Josh managed a full pull and made it to the pull off just loosing out to Baby Duck managing a 2nd place with a distance on 112.01m. See the following link for onboard footage. team video section.


Last weekend, Sunday 14th July saw Snoopy 3 run in the 3.5T Modified class against two others, Kightmare & Snoopy 4. Josh managed 2nd place as unfortunately one of the engines stopped again so lack of power robbed us of many metres only getting to 89.74m on the day, see onboard & trackside video with this link. team video section.


Last weekend the 6th / 7th July saw Snoopy 3 run twice at Kirkbride, both on the Saturday night and then again on the Sunday. With 3 in the class Snoopy 3 came 2nd with a strong pull getting to a distance of 102m to be beaten for the 1st time by Snoopy 4. Competing at 3.5 T for the event the tractor ran well.      See onboard footage from Sat & trackside action from Sun in the team video section.


Saturday 15th June 2013 saw us catching the overnight Hull - Rotterdam ferry arriving in Made, Holland for the 3rd round of the 4.5T Eurocup. Josh was back in the drivers seat and started last in the running order. With a run of only 87.35m it was disappointing not to get in the pull off. A slight lack of fuel pressure was thought to be the main issue. See Movies for onboard footage.

IMG Snoopy III @ Made 2

Saturday 1st June 2013 saw Snoopy 3 take to the track at Bernay, France in the 2nd 4.5T Eurocup event of the 2013 season, driven by Kevan (Josh on Silage duties) with a run of 86.84m and 8th place it was a disappointing start as the engines did not light up straight away, maybe we failed to warm the engines up enough.  


Saturday 9th March 2013 saw Snoopy 3 make it's 1st appearance at Ahoy, Rotterdam in the 3.5 T Modified class. With a run of 52.44m it was Josh's 1st time on a short track and we learnt we needed to make sure the engines we much warmer before setting off, as we lost the 1st 10m before it cleared. 

Ahoy0313 3.5T

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That evening Snoopy 3 competed in the 4.5T class and achieved a respectable 6th place with 52.46m and was the best of the rest not making the pull off, which considering the lack of horsepower was a good result.

Ahoy0313 4.5T

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August 2012 Bank holiday weekend and Saturday night was a complete wash out, having only just arrived late Saturday afternoon, the tractors were unloaded and many were looking around at both Tractors as they stood side by side, the team now had two tractors ready to compete. New breathers had been fitted and Snoopy 3 was weighted up and ready for the 4.5T Eurocup event.

IMG 1570

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So Sunday morning arrived and both tractors went through scrutineering for the 4.5T Eurocup and both tractors lined up in the pits ready for competition. 

IMG 1574

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Josh had a storming 1st run and managed a Full Pull followed by 94.54 mtrs geting a respectable 5th place which considering the company and disadvantage on horsepower was a very respectable position. 

‎4.5T Modified Class - Sunday - Great Eccleston August 2012 
Lambada............…..      FULL PULL.........…114.60        1st 
Simply Irresistible
 …. FULL PULL......……109.19       2nd 

Whispering Giant …..  FULL PULL.........…. 97.53        3rd

Snoopy 3............….       FULL PULL......…… 94.54        5th

Iwan ...............….            FULL PULL.........…. 96.69        4th

Le Redoutable.........     FULL PULL...…...…. 77.66       6th

Green Fighter ......….   91.31 

Clixtar Double D ...…. 88.83 

Snoopy 4............….      28.47

Later that afternoon saw the weights removed and Snoopy III competing in the 3.5T Euro Challenge, fuelled up and ready to go sat in the pits. Josh got off to a great run and was flying then suddenly nothing. What had gone wrong??  

It turned out the kill switch had been pulled as the box sensor had gone off so Snoopy 3 recorded 94.63 Mtrs and due to a small class was unable to run again so quickly due to heat. Josh however managed a 2nd place and with that took the British 3.5T Modified Class for the 2nd year running. 

3.5T NW Challenge Cup Modified Class - Sunday - Great Eccleston August 2012 

Le Redoutable ............…123.26        1st 

Clixtar Double D.........….123.11       Demo Run

Snoopy 3..................…..     94.63        2nd

Knightmare ...............….   87.30        3rd

Snoopy 4..................…..     57.45        Demo Run

July 2012 at the Great Eccleston show saw Snoopy 3 joined for the 1st time by the New Snoopy 4, having recently been finished. (See Snoopy 4) Despite both tractors sporting similar paint and livery both tractors were up for best turned out tractor on the day, Kevan took his 1st trophy with Snoopy 4 and was judged the winner. (although he never ran!)

Snoopy 3 & Snoopy 4 at Great Eccleston July 2012 - The 1st showing of both tractors together.

IMG 1538

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June 2012 saw Snoopy 3 line up on the Saturday afternoon, at the wrong end of the track, at Shakey Raceway, the start had been switched due to a wet spot so were all pulling the reverse way down the track. There were only two there this year so we did a demo run just after 10pm and showed the crowds what a pair of engines could do. The tractor ran well with no issues and was nicely balanced, Josh had made a good start to the 2012 season.

Snoopy 3 backs to the sledge at Shakey Race way.

IMG 1512

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August 2011 saw Josh driving for the 1st time in the dark, the tractor had a fantastic run, the following photo's show the action that night with Josh getting a full pull July 2011 and taking the 2011 3.5T Modified title.

team whittingham eclipsephotos 22-58-07-NWTPC Gt Ecc -2011-08-27 (1)

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July 2011 and time for the Great Eccleston show, Saturday was dry and the tractor was ready to go, Josh taking the drivers seat and looked proud stood by the tractor in the pits, supported by Kevan, Josh had his chance to perform in front of the home fans and take to the track. The tractor ran perfectly and went straight with a full pull confirmed and satisfaction for the team.

Kevan & Josh, with Snoopy 3 - Ready for Josh's 2nd Drive.  

IMG 1108

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June 2011 and the start of a new generation, now fitted with Puller 2000 and sporting a new paint job, Snoopy 3 arrived at Shakey Raceway, Long Marston nr Stratford for the 1st event of the new season. Josh was to take over driving Kevan had decided it was time for Josh to take over the drivers seat as his new project had started and he couldn't drive both. Saturday was dry and after weighing in and to our relief we made the 3.5T limit with just enough to spare. The tractor ran well and Josh had his 1st pull without incident which was a huge relieve for him as well as dad…..but only achieved 48.73m.

Josh, in the drivers seat of Snoopy 3 - Ready for Josh's 1st drive 

 DSC4593 3986

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